Takeout and Delivery Menu

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Roasted edamame with smoked salt — 8.50 BGN
Stuffed kadaif with goat cheese, zucchini and grilled tomato salsa — 15.50 BGN
Shakshuka in cast iron pan with tapenade on homemade bread — 11.00 BGN
Humus with avocado, black sesame and sweet potato chips — 9.50 BGN
Zucchini hash browns with caciotta cheese — 9.00 BGN
Sautéed shrimps with homemade kjopoolu — 18.00 BGN
Grilled calamari with guacamole — 16.50 BGN


Spinach salad with quinoa, pomegranate and almonds in lemon dressing — 12.00 BGN
Tomato salad with soft cheese, butter beans, egg and Kalamata olives — 10.50 BGN
Avocado and cucumber salad with goat cheese and hemp seeds — 14.50 BGN
Veal meat balls salad with French beluga lentils, marinated cheese and cherry tomatoes in mustard seeds dressing — 13.00 BGN

Soup of the Day

Burgers and Tortilla

Sweet potato burger with smoked tofu and spinach pesto — 14.50 BGN 🌱
Chicken burger with mustard seeds, cottage cheese, avocado and sweet potato chips — 14.50 BGN
American cheeseburger with veal, cheddar, pickles, onions and potatoes — 15.50 BGN
“Surf & Turf” burger with veal, soft shell crab and roasted egg — 19,50 BGN
Chicken tortilla with humus and grilled vegetables — 15.50 BGN
Tortilla with pan—seared shrimps, cream cheese with horseradish and snow peas — 18.00 BGN


Green falafel with cilantro, zucchini, cucumber and edamame salad — 16.50 BGN 🌱
Grilled quails with zucchini, skyr yoghurt and spicy chermoula sauce — 25.50 BGN
Turkey meatballs with halloumi cheese and red quinoa on cherry tomato salad and herbs — 22.00 BGN
Lamb kebab with warm Moroccan couscous salad with cheese and spring onion — 18.50 BGN
Pork tomahawk chop in dark beer with caramelized onion and mashed potatoes — 17.50 BGN
Slow cooked cooked beef ribs in bourbon BBQ sauce and double fried potatoes with smoked salt — 32.00 BGN


Pan seared salmon steak with aperol, almonds and steamed spinach — 25.00 BGN


Cottage cheesecake — 6.50 BGN
Grilled banana with butterscotch, mascarpone and pumpkin seeds — 5.50 BGN


Home baked potato bread with buttermilk — 1.50 BGN
Tortilla bread — 0.80 BGN

Working Hours

Tuesday — Sunday
12:00 — 20:30 ч.